Competition Costs

RBPW Cheer Competition Travel Costs

Pop Warner Competitions     RBPW Pee Wee Cheer Locals Comp

RBPW’s competitive cheer teams (Jr. Pee Wee and up) all participate in the Pop Warner competition series, as directed by Palomar Pop Warner Conference and National Pop Warner rules.

  • Palomar Pop Warner Conference Locals Competition
    • All of RBPW’s cheer teams attend this event (non-competitive teams perform but do not compete)
    • Location:  TBA; San Diego, CA
    • Date:  TBA; usually a Sunday towards the end of October
    • Estimated Travel Costs:  $31 (parking and admission)
  • Wescon Pop Warner Regionals Competition
    • All competitive cheer teams that placed 1st or 2nd at their locals competition must attend
    • Location:  Long Beach, CA
    • Date:  TBA, usually in mid November
    • Estimated Travel Costs:  $200 (hotel and admission)
  • Pop Warner Nationals
    • All competitive cheer teams that placed 1st or 2nd at their regionals competition are eligible to attend
    • RBPW expects that all teams that qualify to go to nationals will attend
    • Location:  Orlando, FL
    • Date: TBA, usually the second week of December
    • Estimated Travel Costs:  $1100 per person
      • Airfare: $350 | Park Hopper Passes: $500 (4 or 5 night stay) | Food & Misc: $250

Other Competitions

RBPW JAMZ Competition

Your team’s Head Coach will discuss the possibility of attending other competitions once the season starts. These additional competitions are optional and will be decided upon individually by each team.  However, the JAMZ Nationals Competition is the most popular one that RBPW Cheer attends.


  • JAMZ Nationals Competition
    • Location:  Las Vegas, NV
    • Date:  TBA; usually the end of January
    • Estimated Travel Costs:  $500
      • Airfare or Gas Cost: $100 | Hotel: $250 (2 nights) | Food & Misc: $150