Cheer Team Formation

RBPW Cheer Team Formation

Team Formation Policy  RBPW JAMZ Cheer

RBPW strives to provide a fun, rewarding and safe environment for all cheer participants. Final team placements will depend on the following process:

  1. All cheerleaders will receive a priority number on a first-come, first-served basis at the in-person registration and paperwork drop-off, according to Palomar Pop Warner Conference rules.  Some players may be placed on a wait list if there are not enough open roster spots at their eligible level.
  2. Cheerleaders will be categorized into eligible levels based on their age. Specific divisions may be requested, however squads will be formed with a focus on safety and balance and specific levels are not guaranteed.
  3. Cheerleaders 6 through 8 years of age will be placed on a developmental Flag or Mitey Mite non-competitive squad formed by the Board of Directors.
  4. Cheerleaders eligible for competitive teams (ages 9 and up) will be assessed and placed on teams with a focus on safe squads that are balanced for skill and position. Assessments are intended to place eligible players on appropriate squads and are not try-outs.
  5. Any player who does not attend evaluations will be placed on a team by the Board of Directors and is not eligible to be placed by the head coaches.
  6. Interested participants who do not sign up during initial registration will be placed on a waiting list. After all placement is completed and squads are formed, participants may be added if space is available.

Skills Review and Knowledge Assessment

All cheerleaders except for flag cheer must attend the skills review day. Participants will be reviewed by the Cheer Coordinator and cheer team formation committee.

  • Date:  TBA
  • Time:  TBA
  • Location:  Rancho Bernardo Community Park
    • 18448 W. Bernardo Drive | San Diego, CA 92127
  • Cheer Attire:  T-shirt, shorts, cheer shoes or sneakers, hair in high ponytail and no jewelry.