Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the Age and Weight requirements for Pop Warner Divisions?
         2017 Pop Warner Age/Weight Matrix

2017 Division Age (as of 7/31/17) and Weight Range
*Cheer has no weight limitations*
Unlimited 11- 12- 13- 14- 15 year olds: 105 lbs min. 
Varsity 12- 13- 14 year olds: 105 to 180 lbs.
15 yr olds:  105 to 160 lbs (older lighter)
*Cheer is 11- 15 year olds
Junior Varsity 10- 11- 12 year olds:  90 to 155 lbs.
13 yr olds: 90 to 135 lbs (older lighter)
Pee Wee 9- 10- 11 year olds:  75 to 130 lbs.
12 yr olds: 75 to 110 lbs (older lighter)
Jr. Pee Wee 8- 9- 10 year olds:  60 to 115 lbs.
11 yr olds:  60 to 95 lbs (older lighter)
Mitey Mite 7- 8- 9 year olds:  45 to 100 lbs.
No Older / Lighter
Jr. Mitey Mite 7- 8 year olds:  45 to 75 lbs.
No Older / Lighter
Flag 5- 6- 7 year olds – no weight restrictions

Where can I find a blank Player Contract and the Physical Form?
         2017 Player/Participant Contract           2017 Physical Form

Where can I find the cheer JAMZ Participant Agreement Form? The 2017 form has not been released yet.
         2017 JAMZ Participant Agreement Form 

My child has never played football, will he/she even get to play during the games?
Every child plays during every game, regardless of experience or skill level. RBPW adheres to a strict minimum play rule that guarantees that every player gets a chance to get in the game and be a part of the game-time action.

What is the actual time commitment during the season?
From August 1st through Labor Day, tackle football teams practice five times per week. After Labor Day, the football teams go down to three practices per week, with one game each Saturday. Competitive cheer teams practice five times per week from August 1st until the start of the PUSD school year. As soon as school starts, cheer teams go down to three practices per week, with one football game each Saturday. Practices usually last two hours and are scheduled in the early evening.

What do my registration fees cover?
Registration fees cover Palomar Conference fees, referee costs, fees for use of the schools, gyms and community parks for practices and games, basic picture packets, football equipment costs, cheer equipment costs, insurance (secondary), liability insurance, and year-end trophies for football and cheerleading participants. In addition, each year we must purchase new uniforms and helmets to replace worn or unsafe equipment.

  • Each football participant will receive a spirit pack that consists of a t-shirt and shorts and will keep his/her game jersey at the end of the season.
  • Each cheerleading participant will receive a spirit pack that consists of practice wear (t-shirt & shorts), cheer bow, shoes, socks and briefs. Cheer registration fees also include a uniform rental fee and indoor practice space fees for competitive teams.
  • In addition, there is a $50 Bronco Card association fundraiser that is included in both football and cheer registrations. This is the only association-wide fundraiser that all parents must participate in for the season.

Each year, RBPW needs to break-even when placing a child on the field, so that parents do not have to be asked for additional funds to help cover regular and ordinary costs that occur during the season, such as football equipment repair or replacement. The Board of Directors organizes a number of fundraiser opportunities during the season to help offset these essential costs. However, due to minimal parental and corporate sponsorship within our community, we unfortunately have to increase fees as overall operating costs increase.

You can help keep fees low by assisting RBPW in obtaining corporate and local business sponsorships. If you own or operate a business, or know someone who does that is willing to help support the youth of RBPW, please contact any board member.

Where can I find a copy of the RBPW fundraising policy?
        RBPW Fundraising Policy

How long is the season?
The Pop Warner season begins every August 1st for all football and cheer teams. The actual length of the season depends on the individual team and whether they qualify to advance on to championship games or advanced cheer competitions. In general, most tackle football teams end their season in mid-November and flag teams end in late October. Non-competitive cheer teams also end in late October and competitive cheer teams can go on to compete into late January.

What is the refund policy?
Refunds will be granted only until May 31st, less a $70 processing fee to cover administrative costs. There are NO REFUNDS AFTER MAY 31st.

Still have questions?
Email us at: info@rbpopwarner.org